Why Choose Us

I think that I should start with the reasons you should not choose us.

Don’t choose us because of our technology. Yes, we use a digital scanner so that the old goopy impression material is a thing of the past. We have an ultra-accurate 3D model printer, software, and manufacturing equipment so that clear aligners can be manufactured entirely within our office. We also utilize all digital X-rays to minimize exposure, make viewing them from all areas of the office easy, and allow us to forward them to your dentist via encrypted email with no loss in quality. 

However, while all of that technology is modern and convenient, technology itself rarely contributes to the quality of a patient’s care. In fact, some modern technologies decrease the quality of care. So, technology alone is not a good reason to choose an orthodontist or dentist. 

Don’t choose us because we are conveniently full-time, always in the same office, and offer evening hours. This is something we do because it is consistent and convenient for our patients. However, convenience for patients and parents does not contribute to the quality of our care. 

Don’t choose us because we are the least or the most expensive, as we are neither, nor because we have convenient no-interest payment plans. While the least expensive nearly assures that there will be a decrease in the quality of care, the most expensive does not assure that one is purchasing quality care. No-interest payment plans are convenient and can make treatment affordable. However, the most cost-effective treatment is one which is done well and correctly the first time. Finances alone do not assure good quality treatment. 

Don’t choose us because Dr. Kazmierski has over 33 years of experience practicing orthodontics utilizing modalities such as braces, Invisalign, clear aligners, and inside surface of the teeth braces. While experience can certainly be helpful and is invaluable to a doctor always striving to improve their care, experience alone does not assure quality

Don’t choose us because most of our team members have been with us 20 years or longer and you typically see the same faces when you walk in our door. This environment adds to our feel of a boutique practice that knows and cares about our patients. However, longevity alone is not a guarantee of quality. 

Don’t choose us because of our good Google reviews or the number of them. We are incredibly thankful to our patients who have been kind enough to leave us a Google review, are happy to have earned their trust, and fully realize that many patients read them. However, there is much more to good orthodontic care than what may be determined by anyone other than a dentist or orthodontist. Sometimes the benefits of doing things correctly and properly may not present themselves for decades down the line. 

So why should you choose us? This is the hardest to say differently as most practices seem to have cookie-cutter answers that all seem the same. So, I will say that a good reason is that you truly believe us when we say that we will place the best care for you or your child as our top priority. Cosmetic improvement is frequently what brings patients through our door. However, a healthy outcome is also important. Providing the healthiest and most cosmetically pleasing outcome for you or your child, in a truly caring environment are our goals. That requires a dedication that cannot be expressed by our technology, our convenience, our financial terms, or Dr. Kazmierski’s experience. That takes true and sincere effort through the years. So, we think that you should choose us, and we want to be chosen, because you sincerely believe us when we say that we want to do what is best for you or your child.