Inside the Surface (Lingual) Braces

Lingual Braces are Inside Surface of the Teeth Braces

How would you like to achieve a healthy beautiful smile with a treatment that is more cosmetic than Invisalign / Clear Aligners and is as convenient as standard outside surface of the teeth braces? Your solution might be inside surface of the teeth braces called “Lingual Braces”.

  • Lingual braces are the most aesthetic treatment available as they show nothing on the outside surface of the teeth. 
  • There is no need to remove them before a meal and unlike Invisalign / Clear Aligners, you do not have to rush to the bathroom to brush and replace aligners after a meal, snack, or sip of a drink. 
  • Like standard braces, lingual braces can achieve many of the movements that Invisalign / Clear Aligners cannot.
  • With the type of lingual braces we use, you may floss as normal. 
  • Our experience has been that most patients get used to eating and talking with lingual braces in just a few weeks. 

If you would like an aesthetic treatment option and Invisalign / Clear Aligners are not a good fit for your lifestyle or you are not a good candidate for them, lingual may be the perfect middle option between Invisalign / Clear Aligners and braces for you.

This patient is wearing lingual braces!

Braces vs Inbrace at Moorestown Orthodontics Moorestown NJ

More Detailed Comparison of Lingual Braces to Invisalign / Clear Aligners

Lingual braces are both more aesthetic and more convenient than Invisalign / Clear Aligners. With Invisalign / Clear Aligners, the aligners are translucent and still visible. Also, temporary tooth-colored attachments are frequently needed on the teeth to facilitate movement. 

Some patients are surprised to learn that Invisalign / Clear Aligners require more cooperation than any other treatment available. Invisalign / Clear Aligners can trap foods and liquids like coffee, wine, and soda which can lead to staining and tooth decay. So, Invisalign / Clear Aligners must be removed to eat or drink anything other than pure water. After eating, patients must brush before placing the aligners back. After drinking anything other than pure water, patients must rinse before placing the aligners back. This must be done even when eating is just a snack or a quick bite or if drinking is just a sip. In reality, snacking and sipping become impractical. For the aligners to work properly, they must be actively worn 22 hours per day. 

Lingual braces provide a more passive experience because they are just there. They need not be removed to eat, snack, drink, or to just take a sip. With regards to lifestyle, with lingual braces there is no need to run to the bathroom after dinner with friends to brush and quickly replace anything. 

Also, despite marketing claims to the contrary, there are certain movements of the teeth that Invisalign / Clear Aligners cannot do. This frequently results in Invisalign / Clear Aligners treatment either necessitating compromises or a patient not being a good candidate for this treatment. Yes, we know that many heavy aligner practices claim that their experience compensates for this and that aligners can do everything. However, while experience can be valuable, it does not allow us to violate the laws of physics. There are some things that Invisalign/Clear Aigner’s cannot do which lingual braces and standard braces will do quite easily. 

Treatment with lingual braces can provide aesthetic and treatment quality advantages Invisalign / Clear Aligners cannot. It can also provide the passive experience of standard braces without having braces on the outside surface of the teeth. If you are a candidate for lingual braces, this could be your ideal treatment option.

More Detailed Comparison of Lingual Braces to Standard Braces

Lingual braces are without question more aesthetic. Unless you want to show them to someone, they typically will not know you are wearing braces. There are some movements of the teeth that standard braces will do which lingual braces will not do or will not do efficiently. Dr. Kazmierski will be happy to evaluate you and help you to determine if lingual braces are right for you. If you are a candidate for lingual braces, they can provide the most aesthetic treatment without compromise. 

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